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Yoga strap XL
  • Yoga strap XL


    The AligN yoga strap combines the traditional strap design of the legendary BKS Iyengar. Made with unbleached natural cotton webbing and an innovative sure-secure interlocking buckle, this strap will support and enhance your practice.

    Yoga straps are a great addition to any practice! Providing extra length so you can reach further and stretch deeper, straps are a helpful tool for yogis of all levels.

    If you're using a strap to lengthen your reach for stretches that are just a bit too tight, the shorter length should suit you. If you're doing a restorative practice, the longer strap will give you more options.

    • afmeting

      304 cm

    • goed om te weten

      • Manduka's Proprietary Lightweight, yet strong, Zinc Alloy Buckle and improved middle-bar design holds securely and eliminates slipping
      • Based on the original design of BKS Iyengar
      • Provides secure, slip-free support for even the most challenging positions
      • Made from strong, durable, unbleached cotton webbing with non-AZO dyes
      • Lightweight, eco-friendly and durable
    • care

      Hand wash, hang to dry.

    • sustainability

      Manduka’s AligN yoga strap is made from 100% unbleached eco-friendly cotton using AZO, lead and heavy metal-free dyes to protect our workers, our customers, and the environment.

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