The original Tripundra yoga mat is made of natural rubber and our unique eco-polyurethane, specially designed to respect the environment and your health. Its length and width give Yogis space, density for balance postures, firm stability and comfortable cushioning.
Well suited to Ashtanga and Vinyasa forms of yoga, as well as all other forms of yoga.

The eco-polyurethane has open cells guaranteeing optimal adhesion, also on this type of carpet is not recommended to practice with creams or body oils, which could stain, without losing its qualities.

Our Tripundra yoga mats have been certified compliant with the EU standard, ROHS, EN71, and REACH (Regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals), established by the European Union.

Yogamat Tripundra

125,00 € Normale prijs
99,00 €Verkoopprijs
  • Especially suitable for Hatha Yoga and people who sweat easily during sessions.

    The Tripundra symbol of three horizontal lines on the forehead represents the three divine forces of creation, sustenance, and destruction
    These three lines represent the three links to be destroyed that imprison the soul in its incarnation: anava (ego, the exacerbated feeling of the ego), karma (act, the sequence of acts linked to desire) and maya (illusion, belief that one's self is an ephemeral body and mind, attached to transient things).
    The dot is symbolic of the rise or acceleration of spiritual vision.