Restore your Motivation!

This self-made design is printed on high-quality suede bonded to natural rubber which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
The microfiber top layer acts as a yoga towel absorbing moisture. Due to this process, the red green yoga mat is not slippery offering high-grip-performance. With its closed cell technology, it is waterproof and bacteria repellent. It is free of PVC, toxic and poisonous phthalates.
This elegant material combination evokes a feeling of exclusivity making the yoga mat carpet perfect for home.
The Red Green Yoga Mat is designed to inspire colour-associated effects as urge and trust. (More below) and comes with its own free yoga bag in turquoise.

Exclusieve yogamat Red green journey

90,00 €Prijs
  • Yoga Mat Carpet ‘Red Green Journey’

    Urge & Trust: 
    Our Red Green Yoga Mat Carpet is perfect to boost your motivation. Olive-Green emerging in warm Red stimulates a feeling of warmth and harmony. When we are comfortable, our mind can rest. Then our body recovers.
    Using the activating properties of the colour, a calmed mind would now start to set new goals being reached with new spirit. Red’s energizing character, then encourages decisions. The healing colour Green restores harmony and balance empowering trust in ourselves. A perfect geometrical arrangement acts calming on mind and body. It makes this yoga mat to a perfect fit if you are looking for restoring body and mind.



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